Lawn Fertilizing Services

What is Lawn Fertilizing?

Just like crops, the greens in our backyard need a boost of nutrients every now and then. Sprinkling some fertilizer about three or four times a year can give it a rich green and healthy look. We often talk about fertilizing trees and shrubs, but not so much with lawns. Here we give you tips and treatment options for lawn care services that will beautify your property and rid your lawn of diseases and pests.

Advantages of Lawn Fertilizing

If you have patchy areas in your lawn where it isn’t growing in quite the rigor as the rest of your garden, try fertilizers. It’s an important part of plant health care if your soil is lacking in nutrients. Fertilizing your soil enriches your soil and replenishes the nutrients, which become food for your lawn to grow healthy. 


Having a green lawn that thrives can help with weed control. Your grass wins the competition and any weeds stay out of your yard.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn

You have to be committed to maintaining a healthy lawn. Follow this process as a guide to fertilize your lawn more effectively and ensure that your lawn can absorb nutrients efficiently.

Person Mowing lawn lawn treatment

Mow Your Lawn

Lawn can become uneven and patchy. To fertilize it, you must mow your lawn and create a more even setting before you go ahead with the fertilization process. Mow your lawn a week before you have decided to fertilize it. 

Person watering plants

Water It

Water your lawn about 2 or 3 days before you fertilize it. This quenches any thirst your grass might have but also prevents your lawn from getting burnt from the fertilizer. Some fertilizers might be too strong, especially if you have a sensitive lawn. If your lawn has been watered well enough about 2 days before you fertilize it, it will be in its optimum state to make the most of the fertilizer. 

Fertilizer in bag

Considering Compost

Commercial fertilizers are used most commonly. But you could try out more traditional methods. Compost can be made at home and is a more eco-friendly way of fertilizing your garden. You can use the waste from your own kitchen, and be assured that you know what’s going into your soil. Although it may smell funny to make in your own backyard, it’s a trustworthy process used for generations. 

Lawn Fertilizing

Choosing A Spreader

You have a lot of options to choose from. A drop spreader might cost more but gives you even coverage. A broad or rotary spreader is used for larger lawns whereas a handheld broadcast spreader is used for smaller areas and more precision. A handheld broadcast spreader is also great if you want to use different fertilizers for different areas of the lawn. 

Some Extra Tips

Check your soil’s temperature

The ideal time to fertilize your soil is when the soil’s temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for lawn growth. Spring is usually the best time of year for this.

Use A Slow Release Fertilizer

A slow-release fertilizer is always a safe bet. As we mentioned before, if the fertilizer is too strong, your lawn might not be able to keep up with the influx of nutrients and might get burnt. A slow-release fertilizer releases nutrients at a slower rate so that your plants are better able to absorb them without any waste. They are usually also more organic. 

Soil Aeration

Grab a tool and start poking. You need to aerate your soil so that it doesn’t get too densely packed and suffocate your roots. Soil aeration is good practice, at least once a month, even when you’re not using fertilizer. 

Hiring A Professional

The best option, of course, is to hire a professional lawn service. A company like Beat The Weeds can do everything for you so that you can sit back and enjoy a beautiful green lawn. Professionals have all the tools you would need so you don’t need to make any further investments. They also have years of insight into gardening and can give you helpful tips that can make your garden a soothing haven. But make sure to check out their online reviews first!

Other Garden and Lawn Services

Gardening, although can come to some intuitively, can also require a lot of technical knowledge. You don’t want to do something wrong and end up with a lawn that looks worse. A lawn care company like Beat The Weeds is great at removing weeds and pests from gardens. With them, you know your lawn is in good hands

They offer Turf Feeding Services, Perimeter Pest Control, Grub Control, Tree Spraying Services, Flea and Tick Control, Fungicide Disease Control, and much more. As the leading tree care service providers, they have great customer service, and also offer free estimates.

The process of lawn fertilizing is a long and complicated one. Dedicate a week for it, at the least, and be patient with the results. Better yet, hire a professional and leave it up to them to create a calming garden you can enjoy in the evenings.